Cell phone Energy Recycle
Cellphone RF transmissions waste gargantuan amount of energy. We are FIRST to patent the concept to repurpose a cell phone’s surface into an energy harvesting antenna to absorb and reuse its own wasted radiated power to extend battery life. This will reduces battery size/cost by $0.5 ~ $1.00 per phone.
Wireless Charging
The technology will also serve as wireless charger, making it superior to all other wireless chargers which do not reduce cell phone power consumption. With this patents granted, “Smarter, Greener Wireless Charging” technology, a cell phone company can slash cost and offer a cool feature that stands out from the rest.
Leapfrog Competition
Cell phone semiconductor/IP suppliers can defend/gain market share and ASP, by adding this technology to their technology arsenal.
By integrating this technology, a wireless charger company can leapfrog the competition.
Applications beyond Phones
The technology can also be easily applied for specialized communication equipment such as Military and EMS communication Radios.
We can even harnest the switching energy generated by PCs and Servers to reduce their power consumption.
Nikola Labs RF recycling Cell Phone Case Extends Battery Life 30%
Engineer and Co-inventor at Nikola Labs Demonstrates the Nikola Phone Case